Bath Map

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Bath Map
  • 10 x 17cm (folded), 34 x 55cm (open)
  • Litho printed on recycled matt paper
  • Packed in a reusable protective wallet

The original Brain's Foto Guides map of Bath. Printed on both sides this beautifully designed map of  Bath, UK reveals where, when and how to take great photographs of the city. It's also a jolly nice map to just enjoy whether you take pictures or not.

Here's what one customer thought:

"Did I really need this guide to get the best out of Bath? I live near Bath and take photos there often. I reckoned that I knew most of the best places where I could get great images. I believed that I knew how to create some pretty impressive shots in Bath. So could I really benefit from the Brains Foto Guide Bath Edition?

When I started using the guide, it immediately brought me two very valuable benefits. Firstly, it introduced me to some parts of Bath that I didn’t know and others where I hadn’t thought of shooting. Secondly, it taught me to see the “classic” shooting spots in Bath in a very different way. The guide got me to look for some very different types of shot from those I was used to taking.

The best element about the guide is that it inspires you. It does not prescribe exactly how you should take a shot. Instead, it gives you ideas on how to approach particular location whilst leaving you free to interpret it in your own way.

I liked the fact that the 25 locations actually fit together to make a great walk that gives you a mini-tour of the best of Bath. I also appreciated that the guide takes people to parts of Bath that they might not otherwise explore. Finally, it was really nice to receive a little surprise in the map pack.

I can thoroughly recommend this photo guide, whether you are visiting Bath for the first time or if you think that you know all that the city has to offer the photographer.  It is beautifully designed. And it comes at a remarkably low price, especially considering the pleasure and inspiration that it has given me".