One to One Photography Tuition

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One to One Photography Tuition

Brain’s Foto Guides founder, Benedict Brain also offers one to one training. A one-day session will be tailored to suit your particular needs. Whether you want advice on your camera settings, image processing and the basic principles of photography or help building a portfolio, refining your craft or developing your ‘vision’. Benedict’s photographic experience spans several decades and as well as offering solid training in the technical aspects of making a photograph he can also offer insight into the art of photography too.

Free of overly technical jargon and academic ‘art speak’ Benedict's friendly, candid no-nonsense style is suitable for all levels of photographer.

You can purchase a one to one session for yourself or as a gift. Benedict will be in touch to arrange a suitable time and location and discuss how best to tailor the day to your requirements.

Benedict is based out of Bath in the South West (UK) but is willing to travel anywhere in the world for one to one sessions. However, anywhere within an hour or so from Bath will incur extra travel and accommodation fees. If you require this please call and discuss.