What time does the sun set and rise in Bath, UK?

Benedict Brain

Included on the Brain's Foto Guides, Bath edition map is a super-handy sunset/sunrise calculator. It's been created specifically for Bath, UK (51°22'22.19" N -2°21'3.89" W) and the times and angles are based on the 21st of every month, so there will be some minor variables in the exact times for other dates in the month.

When planning your photography especially around dawn and dusk it's useful to know when and where the sun rises and set. The calculator is easy to use; simply rotate it so it's pointing north and you'll see the direction of the sunrise and/or set. You'll also see the time.  It's worth noting that this is not the time it gets light or suddenly becomes dark. There will be a period of time before and after the sun rises and sets when it is light, it's just not direct sunlight as the sun will still below the horizon line. This can be a great time to photograph and is often referred to as the blue hour. The hour (or so) just after the sunrise or before it sets is known as the golden hour and is a lovely time to photograph. This light will make the colours of Bath stone shine in a truly delightful way. 

Bath is surrounded by hills and many of the building are quite tall and you'll need to take this into account too when working out the best place and time to take your shots. 

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